Pattaya, Thailand – And Why I Think You Should AVOID

Lately I keep reminiscing about Thailand, one of my favourite places in the world, where I spent almost 2 months at the end of last year/start of this year. I love everything about Thailand; the people, the food, the culture… I could go on. I saw so many amazing places in Thailand but there’s one city that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth – Pattaya. I’m sure this was once a beautiful place, but the influx of sex tourists has run it right into the ground. We went here without doing our research, and because our route passed through it, but I’m going to say that if you’re a Western tourist who wittingly goes here, then the chances are you’re an absolute wrong’un.


I like to think I’m open minded wherever I go, and I’d never want to turn up with my white privilege and start judging another culture, but there’s very little Thai culture to be found in Pattaya. I think you’d struggle to even find Thai food amongst all the Mcdonald’s, Burger Kings and KFCs. All lit up at night, Walking Street looks promising, as it’s packed full of bars and absolutely heaving with people. Look closer though, and you’ll see that the majority of these people are greasy, sunburnt old white men flashing the cash to attract young Thai girls. Most men who come to Thailand as sex tourists seem to flock here, and it’s seriously not nice to be around. Of all the dozens of bars on the strip, I don’t think there’s one ‘normal’ one that isn’t full of these creeps. The further away from the beach you walk, the darker it gets too, girls are ‘advertised’ in windows whilst these men aggressively leer and take pictures of them, bleugh.


And if you’re thinking of coming here for a nice, relaxing beach break away from Bangkok, think again. This may be tempting as it’s only a 3 hour drive, but save yourself the disappointment. We pulled into Pattaya with our swimming costumes at the ready after seeing that the weather forecast was predicting 30+ degrees heat, but the closer we got to the beach, the more rubbish and less sand we saw. The beach here is overcrowded and so filthy, you’d be lucky to find a spot big enough for your towel amongst the empty crisp packets and beer cans. And the sea is so polluted too, I honestly think swimming here would be a health risk. We thought we found a nice spot over the seafront to have dinner one night, but floating in the sea all around us were bags and bags of overflowing rubbish as far as we could see. Thailand is such a beautiful country, and it made me so sad to see it treated this way, predominantly by Western tourists.


So if you were thinking of going to Pattaya, seriously don’t bother. There’s just nothing to do or see, no real Thai culture to experience, and no backpacker’s scene whatsoever. I have no doubt that European perverts will keep Pattaya’s economy booming, but unless this is what you’re interested in then just swerve it altogether. If you do find yourself in this part of Thailand then I would absolutely recommend you keep going a few hours to Koh Chang. It’s beautiful and you can actually sunbathe without catching an infectious disease; and you can read all about it here.

Have you been to Pattaya? What were your impressions of it?

4 thoughts on “Pattaya, Thailand – And Why I Think You Should AVOID

  1. Hahaha brilliant post! Pattaya is such a horrid place! I’ll hole up in the Movenpick in Jomtien or go to the sailing club occasionally but literally not leave those two places! If you need a jaunt from Bangkok, head to Koh Samet, much better! x


  2. You and your partner look lovely! I’ve never been but it always interests me how concentratred sex tourism locations are. At the very least, you saw the industry up close and personal. But yeah, other than for research purposes I can’t see any reason to go.


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