Annie’s Burger Shack – Nottingham

I’ve been to Nottingham a few times lately, and each time I’ve had some very good food. I’ve been struck by how many vegan options there are too – they seem to be everywhere! So far I’ve had a vegan breakfast from Alley Cafe complete with scrambled tofu and an amazing vegan cheese pizza from Oscar and Rosie’s, but my favourite is somewhere that’s loved by vegans, veggies and meat eaters alike.

Annie’s Burger Shack is a burger shack like no other. It has the most extensive burger menu I’ve ever seen, with over THIRTY unique burger options – but that’s not all. Every single burger on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan. They have substitutes for absolutely everything. This is clearly stated on the menu but I found myself wanting to check with the waitress about every single dish – “what, even this?!” – I found it pretty hard to get my head around!

Check out their full menu here!

I didn’t go for a vegan option, but the veggie version of their ‘North Carolina’, a burger topped with slow cooked pulled pork, red leicester and crispy fried onions. This was possibly the most ‘meaty’ veggie burger I’ve tried, it actually had a meaty flavour and texture compared to the usual run of the mill bean patty. The waitress told me the ‘pulled pork’ was made of a kind of gluten protein, which honestly doesn’t sound too appetising but tasted surprisingly authentic, and especially good smothered in melted red leicester cheese. Jordan had the meaty version of this – I probably should have taken a picture to compare but we got carried away and started eating before I had a chance. The burgers come with a choice of fries; we chose the chunky skin on wedges which were amazingly crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside, mmm.

This burger is easily made vegan by replacing the red leicester with some vegan cheese, but I have no idea how they do some of the others, which have things like gammon, feta cheese and eggs on them, like wtf?!

We washed our burgers down with some delicious mango slushies, but if you were after something a bit stronger then they’ve a fully stocked bar and a buzzing atmosphere. The restaurant was so busy, we couldn’t even book a table between 3-7 (but they save some for walk ins if you don’t mind waiting at the bar a little while). There’s also a separate pub downstairs, Annie’s Tavern, which had lots of groups coming in and out even in the late afternoon, so worth a look.


If you’re a meat eater, vegan, or anything in between and you find yourself in Nottingham then give Annie’s Burger Shack a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

Find it at: 5 Broadway, Nottingham, NG1 1PR

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