Glastonbury Festival – The Food

Anybody who’s been to Glastonbury knows there’s a lot more to the world’s biggest and best festival than just the music. Be it naked yoga, hip-hop karaoke, or performing on stage dressed as a playing card (more on that another time), there really is something for everyone at Glastonbury, and the food is no exception. It’s always a massive part of my Glasto experience, so here are a few of my culinary highlights from this year’s festival…

This truck serving up several variations of crustacean is located in Leftfield, and during the rest of the year can be found at various KERB street food markets around London. Their menu at Glasto included lobster grilled cheese sandwiches, crab meat fries, and their speciality, the soft shell crab burger. I went for the famed soft shell burger, and while it was expensive (£10 with a side of fries) it definitely lived up to the hype. The crab meat is delicious, and the soft but crispy tempura batter that it comes coated in just melts in your mouth. The ‘burger’ is served with lettuce, pickled cucumber, and spicy wasabi mayo. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I absolutely loved it!


Square Pie
Whilst pie and mash may be considered pretty basic amongst all the exotic cuisines on offer at Glastonbury, Square Pie is actually my favourite food at the festival! I have it every year without fail. It is simple, but you can’t go wrong with a good quality pie and creamy mash IMHO. Steak and ale is my filling of choice, but there are several options, including some veggie ones. Outside of Glastonbury, Square Pie has permanent residency in a few locations across London, so be sure to try it if you get a chance.


Another firm Glastonbury favourite of mine. There are several Paellaria stalls throughout the Glastonbury site, including one at William’s Green. They offer a meat paella, with chicken, prawns and chorizo, or a vegan version that’s packed full of veg. Alternatively you can ask for ‘bi-ella’, which is a mixture of the two. I always choose the meat version as I love chorizo, but I’m sure the vegan version is lovely too. The paella here is authentic and packed full of flavour, and the portions are extremely generous. If you missed them at Glasto then there’s plenty of chances to catch them elsewhere as their festival calendar is pretty packed. I can’t wait to see them at Bestival!


The Goan Seafood Company
These guys come up from Cornwall every year to serve their famous fish curries to the Glasto masses, and I finally got round to trying them this time. I had the original Goan Fish Curry, which is seasonal white fish in a spicy, tomato based curry. My boyfriend isn’t a fan of spicy food, so he went for the milder Fish Caldine, also white fish but in a fragrant, coconut milk curry. Both are served with basmati rice, and both are delicious, however I preferred the Goan Fish Curry as I like it spicy. If you’re a regular Glasto goer, then chances are you’ve already tried the food here as it’s something of an institution. If you haven’t however, they’re on the road to several UK festivals this summer, so try them if you get a chance!


Anna Mae’s
Mac and cheese is everywhere nowadays, and it’s kind of the ideal festival food; solid carb that requires minimal effort to eat. Anna Mae’s has the reputation of being the best mac and cheese at Glasto, and I’m yet to find anywhere that disputes this. They serve creamy mac and cheese with a selection of toppings – shamefully I played it very safe here and went for the classic ‘Don Macaroni’; crispy bacon, basil oil, and fresh basil. However the braver amongst us can choose from the ‘Spicy Juan’ (chipotle, jalapenos and sour cream), or ‘The Kanye Western’ (beef hot dog, bbq sauce and onions). Like most of the other vendors, Anna Mae’s pops up at festivals up and down the UK and at various food markets around London – check their Twitter for details.


Vegetarian/Vegan Food
I feel like I’d be doing all the veggies and vegans a disservice here by not mentioning all the amazing meat free options at Glastonbury. It really is food heaven for those who don’t eat meat, with the biggest range of veggie/vegan options I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE in the world. There’s The Thali Cafe, Buddha Bowl, and Dosa Deli to name but a few, but a stroll around the Green Fields will open the doors to all the cruelty free cuisine you could ever dream of.

This is obviously just a tiny selection of the food on offer at the best festival on earth. If I had photos and/or clear memories of all the other amazing things I’ve eaten at Glasto over the years then I would tell you about that too, but unfortunately I don’t, so you’ll just have to go and see for yourself next time!

If I’ve missed your favourite, let me know!


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