Aire Beach Cafe – Koh Chang

Hidden in the quietest corner of Koh Chang’s Lonely Beach is Aire; a small, modern, health food cafe offering breakfast bowls, homemade granolas and fresh fruit smoothies. 

Due to its location away from the main beach road it’s easy to miss Aire, especially as it’s hidden behind construction sites of several other new developments that are popping up in the area. Aire itself is new too, and as it’s currently the only eatery open on this part of the beach it doesn’t get much thoroughfare, but its uniqueness on the island definitely makes it worth the short diversion. 

Whilst other Thai islands and small-town communities like Pai are saturated with the likes of organic, clean-eating, healthy cafes, to my knowledge Aire is the only one of its kind on Koh Chang. Its lovely owner (whose name I unfortunately didn’t get) also teaches yoga classes on the beach, so it’s definitely the place to go on Koh Chang to get a health kick and find your zen. Ommmm…  

Being such a small, independently run business the menu isn’t huge (it’s just breakfast/brunch options) but this just means that all the dishes are perfected to a tee. I went twice, and on my first visit opted for one of their smoothie bowls – a mix of dragon fruit, berries, and other goodies whisked up and topped with homemade granola, desiccated coconut, banana and pineapple. This was the most refreshing breakfast ever – I felt so energised after eating this I was practically glowing. I’m determined to recreate this at home! A lot of the blended fruit was frozen so it was the perfect cooler on a thirty degree Thai morning too!

Pink smoothie bowl

Because the homemade granola on my smoothie bowl was so good I went for the granola bowl on my next visit. This is the more filling option – a generous portion of homemade granola and yoghurt topped with pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit and melon, with a pot of honey to drizzle. I could hardly bring myself to eat this little rainbow coloured bowl as it was so pretty, but I managed. The fruit they use here is so fresh and local, and I felt pretty smug about cramming all of my five a day into one meal. If you’re really good you can also get additional superfood boosts on each breakfast, such as bee pollen or flax seeds. I never got round to sampling their smoothie list, but they looked delicious too. I did however have a coconut milk latte which was lovely – one for the vegans and dairy dodgers. 

Granola bowl

So if you’re on Koh Chang, and craving vitamins or a lighter alternative to a Thai breakfast, then make sure you go and check out Aire!

Find it at: Lonely Beach, Ko Chang 23170, Thailand

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