Koh Phangan & How We Had Fun on a Flooded Island

When I imagined holidaying on a Thai island I pictured sunbathing, snorkelling, and cocktails on the beach; however this wasn’t to be the case as our bad weather curse struck again, and we instead had four days of intense rain and flash floods before we made an early exit!

Although the weather was disappointing as it meant we were unable to do most of the things we had planned for our stay, we still had such a funny time on Koh Phangan. Luckily we were in a decent hostel (as we ended up spending most of our time there) Shiralea Backpackers, which had a nice bar, restaurant and pool. We had our own little bungalow there, with a cosy sheltered porch with a hammock on which was perfect to sit and avoid the downpour. One night we bought some beers from the local shop and just sat in the hammock with some music on watching the rain, which ended up being one of my favourite nights!

Our little Shiralea bungalow

The floods made getting anywhere such a task, but also a bit of an adventure. Our poor moped was definitely put through its paces battling through the water and mud, which was so deep in parts we had to ditch the ped and wade through the murky water up to our knees, the current being so strong it whipped my shoes straight off! We had what can only be described as a ‘wtf moment’ when we were wading through the floodwater and I felt something bump my leg… “That looks like a knife handle” I said, before Jordan pulled out an actual MEAT CLEAVER with about a six inch blade. Very bizarre and so dodgy but we could not stop laughing!

Sneaking out whilst the rain stopped…
Flooded pathways!

Koh Phangan, like a few other South East Asian islands, is known for selling shroom shakes, which are stupidly overpriced at about £15 each, but really the bars can charge whatever they like as they know silly tourists like us will pay it. We got ours from the aptly named Amsterdam Bar, and then tried to quickly ride back to our hostel before they kicked in but proceeded to get completely lost in the torrential storm. It was hilarious. The shakes aren’t very strong – i.e don’t expect to see pink elephants dancing around the room, it’s more a case of everything looking a bit funky and making you laugh hysterically. It’s so much fun though, we went for a walk and had the most surreal afternoon in a treehouse with a giant cat and a strange earth-mother hippy woman who fed us a bowl of bananas, coconut milk, and dead ants…seriously, it wasn’t the mushrooms, this actually happened?! I’m still not sure if the cat really was giant or not though, I should have taken a picture… 

So, even though we didn’t get to do what we wanted on Koh Phangan, I won’t forget our time there in a hurry!

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